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Thanks for stopping in. We are currently making a few exciting changes to our community and our platform. In the meantime head below and learn more about each avenue of Women Who Wander. Be sure to sign up for the trail that calls to your wandering spirit. We will answer soon! 

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I am a wandering woman.

You love heading out on a trail with rad mountain folk too?! 

Do the mountains call to you? 

Well dang - welcome girl! We are the Women Who Wander and we have an amazing community of women just like you! Learn about our four pillars of empowerment and join our all inclusive adventure she-gang! 

Stay tuned for our BIG launch July.1st 

I'm a wandering 

We firmly believe our community should be highlighted and we want to give thanks to our amazing supporters and help them make some money while looking great. #win


Join our affiliate program launching July.1st  and start repping some amazing gear and spreading the good Wander word. 

I am a wanderpreneur.

I mean first off what's a wanderpreneur?! Sounds rad. 

Well my friend - it is. We are recruiting community leaders that want to make money with our community by empowering women to follow their dreams and adventure pursuits.

Office vibes and mountain peaks together happily. Feeling it? Yes stoke sister, yes. 

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I'm a Wander ally.

Aligning with amazing brands that are out paving paths for women is sort of our jam. Playing together in creative and innovative ways is one of our favourite things to do apart from spreading stoke, awareness - and educating our community. 

Reach out and tell us how you think we can join forces to educate, empower, and uplift lady leaders and wanderin

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Our Mission  

To encourage and increase female involvement in the outdoor world by empowering and providing women with the knowledge, opportunities, and experiences in the outdoors.

Our Vision

"To bring a compassionate and connected community of women together in the great outdoors and to share our experiences worldwide. "

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Alliance gear guide

Head here to find a comprehensive list of gear from our sister company StayWild Backcountry Safety. A female led crew kicking ass and teaching safety in the backcountry. (our members get 10% off ALL their courses & camps this season!) 


Our Wander blog. A space where we highlight the avid, everyday hikers of our Kootenay trail and  our founder gets raw and shares the trials and tribulations of the trails. Follow along as she discovers what the Kootenay life is all about. 

Friends of ours

Our wander alliances. The incredible organizations making ripples and supporting women in the outdoors. 


Learn what your 10 essentials are and what a trip plan is. Find resources from one of our alliances and do your part in reducing the number of Search & Rescue calls in our valley. Play with caution, confidence, and knowledge.