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Find your tribe here. We are a community of strong women. 

Why become a Support Sister? 

We are a compassionate and connected crew of women from all over Canada (and beyond). Our goal is to provide a platform and deep connections to empower each of our members, while sharing invaluable skills and knowledge to help foster independence and bad-assery in the backcountry. We have BIG and passionate projects coming your way to spread our mission near and far. We need your support!


Your support goes a long way!

(especially right now) 


Right now we can't host any of our regular events and we have been pivoting with the current climate, but we will be honest - times are tough. 

Your support directly impacts our ability to continue building and offering our female focused scholarships, programs, AND keep our organization afloat! It also means you get some pretty cool incentives and discounts to our ally brands, our apparel, retreats, expeditions, and more. Plus all the fun digital offerings we are creating. 

We are working hard to bring you value and support you in your adventures. Please consider supporting us in our efforts and our mission! 

Here's to outdoor women united. Thank you for your support! 

- Kayla Kay, Founder 

How do I access my current membership?

Can I cancel my membership?

Who is the membership for? 

Head to our members sign in area and you will see your member dashboard. 

Here you can update your personal information and it will be home base for our members only online content.

We also send monthly emails to our members with any new incentives, early-bird member rates on our events, apparel goodies, or other lovely perks that we have for you for the month! 

Our annual membership is a one time fee with access to digital content. We do not typically offer refunds. We will appeal each case individually if you feel you have not received value for your membership. 

Right now our focus is on Canadian based members but as we grow, we hope to offer value and incentives for women worldwide. 

Our incentives will vary and as we grow we will see more offerings available to a broader audience. 

We also offer tons of online goodies and discounts to Women Who Wander events, programs, and apparel.