Our First Blog Post.

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping in. Kayla Kay here. I am the founder of Women Who Wander. We have shifted gears big time; something I feel many people have been doing recently. There are two primary themes that I will take out of 2020 - adaptability and resilience. As a community and as individuals, so many of us have shown strength through these two intrinsic (and incredible) feats.

Luckily - for us, we are firm believers of something integral to your health right now, today. It's simple and effective. No magic pill or expensive meal plan required.

Get outside.

Yup - that's our sage advise. GET OUTSIDE. It is proven that being in nature is beneficial for our mental and emotional well-being. Not only that, you pair it with two feet and a heart beat and (boom - ba - boom) You are now inducing some serious mood-mending chemicals.

In fact here are 4 scientific benefits of being outdoors:

  1. It improves sleep

  2. It can be done by ANYONE (bonus points if you get the kids out)

  3. It improves your focus.

  4. It helps you keep a healthy weight

As an adventure community and particularly one established from the very root of the profound benefits of getting outside with those two feet and a heart beat, I am a huge advocate of getting into the great outdoors to burn off some steam.

With B.C following suit with more controlled COVID regulations, I am sure many people are struggling to find normalcy. I urge you to get yourself and your household outside, take a deep breath of fresh air, and count your blessings.

Together in adventure,

Kayla Kay

Founder of Women Who Wander

Source: https://www.webmd.com/balance/ss/slideshow-health-benefits-nature

Some Winter Outdoor Activity Ideas

- Winter Walking

-Join one of our adventure challenges (coming soon)


-Cross Country Skiing

-Trail Running (ensure you have proper gear)

-Scavenger Hunts

-Adventure Selfie Bingo

-Household Adventure Challenges

-Avy Beacon Finding Challenge Indoors/Outdoors

-Resort Skiing or snowboarding

-Backcountry skiing (always check avalanche risks and take your essentials, proper gear, and leave a trip plan).

-Outdoor bonfire with your household



-Walk your dog

-Go for a drive somewhere scenic

-Make a snowman

-Build a snow fort and/or snow angels

-Snowball fight

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