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Updated: Jan 13

Well ladies, the time has come! Virtual (and Covid-friendly) fist bumps for all of you as we ring in the new year with open minds, excited hearts and our wandering shoes ready for a year of taking that first solo trip, logging those 50 kms, tackling that climbing route, or even buying your first pair of hikers. We are here for you through it all, and we have some pretty cool things happening in 2021 to help you get there. We are STOKED to tell you what we have in store (and on the trails).

But first… did you do it? Did you complete our December challenge of getting outside every day?! If you did, kudos! We’ve been loving seeing your pictures and hearing your stories. If you haven’t posted them yet, tag @womenwhowandercollective (#womenwhowanderclub #womenwhowandercollective #dailydose #wakeupandkickass). Get those rad adventures out there, and share them to our Facebook group (link below). Let’s bring these great outdoor vibes with us into 2021.

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Okay, okay. Now onto the good stuff…

*drumroll please*

Looking Ahead

Community Adventure challenges (serious Ross & Monica competitions. Plus prizes!)

Clinics for outdoor safety (because even the most bad-ass women can’t fight bears.)

WanderWise Online Course with EVERY. SINGLE. THING you need to tackle the trail with confidence next season (bear safety? Check. Trip planning & prep? Check! Trail Etiquette? Check!)

Wanderfit Online Hiking Fitness Program (April): Prepare those legs for the trails.

WanderWise Tour (coming May): The perfect outdoor event to refresh your backcountry brain & meet new friends! More details coming soon! Be sure to join our email list. Members get exclusive discounts and early bird access.

Our annual Charity Hike (June): Can we trek 2000 kms & raise $2000 towards supporting an amazing girls expedition experience with #outwardboundcanada

Rocky Mountain Wanderfest Campout (July): Need we say more?! (stay tuned!)

● Even more discounts from even more incredible brands (because who doesn’t love more gear and more learnin’?)

● An amazing lineup of expeditions in the backcountry (of course.)

Excuse our Canadian, but pretty exciting stuff, eh?

We’ve built all these opportunities and amazing events to encourage and empower you to get outside, to conquer those difficult treks, and to lift each other up to our physical and metaphorical peaks (even if it is virtual for a little while longer).

For Full Access to these amazing offers and chances to win prizes click here.

Additionally, we will be touring BC (Covid permitting) with an amazing presentation series, developed to educate and promote your inner adventure goddess. Keep your eyes peeled and your calendars ready for announcements and more info.

Looking Back (The Stragglers)

Just like our community is growing like crazy, so is the number of people venturing into the backcountry. The pandemic has had us lusting for activity and adventure, and with all of the amazing benefits it brings, we’re delighted that so many people are taking this opportunity to explore and experience the perks of the great outdoors. Gear shops are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for outdoor equipment and accessories, and it’s projected that the hiking gear market will increase in value by a whopping 40% in a few short years.

With the backcountry’s new additions, there comes new challenges. The influx in traffic, and the desire for people to get outside, leads us to believe that many are new to the backcountry risks. Often, those risks aren’t realized until people are in the thick of it, wishing they’d had some previous guidance, better education and trip planning prowess. We’ve pulled together some stats to show you how these challenges are materializing… and they’re staggering.

Compared to 2019 there was…

(Reports from Columbia Valley Search and Rescue)

● A 42% increase in total incidents responded to.

● Responses to incidents such as heat stroke, asthma attacks and despondent (tired/distressed) hikers doubled from 2019-2020 in the Columbia Valley.

● An increase in medical incidents.

● An increase in water-related rescues/incidents.

Additionally, there was…

● A 35% increase in incidents from January to July reported by Alberta SAR.

● An increase in neglected trash, illegal camping and disruption of indigenous lands.

Crazy, right?

We want to make sure that you are equipped as an advocate in the outdoor community, and will use your outdoor superpowers to inspire and educate others (the newbies, but even some of the seasoned veterans), sharing how they can hold themselves accountable by seeking the proper training. Learning these essential tools and skills is a MUST for proudly proclaiming their trail name. (What’s your trail name?)

To wrap up 2020, we’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of our supporters, our members, and our community Ambassadors. It’s been a year to say the least… but we know that 2021 is bringing some pretty awesome things.

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Together in Adventure,

Kayla Kay and the Women Who Wander team

We’d like to kindly acknowledge everyone who struggled in 2020. It goes without saying that this has been a hard year for most people, and we hope you all found solitude in whatever ways you could. Whether it was getting cozy to your favourite TV show, enjoying a Zoom call with your friends or family, or getting outside with one of your fellow Wanderers, know that there’s no shortage of support here for you.


A special thanks to Columbia Valley Search and Rescue for sharing their 2019 and 2020 incident reports.

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