Travel Tips for Beginners & Returning to Travel

Here are 6 simple tips for travel beginners, as well as how to return to travel with Women Who Wander Collective & @michelle.outdoors:

1) Start somewhere easy; your first trip doesn’t need to be a 6 week backpacking trip in Thailand!

2) Exchange your money prior to leaving. You could get hosed on your exchange rate at your destination. We also found it much better using Pesos compared to USD while in Mexico — it is their national currency after all!

3) Backup your photos WHILE on vacation — you’d hate to lose a camera during your travels home

4) Don’t carry a money belt, and take only what you need. This helps prevent you from being an easy target for pit-pocketing

5) Make extra copies of passport and other important documents. Having a copy will come in handy incase a passport is lost, or you don’t want to carry the physical copy

6) Learn basic phrases in the native language of your destination. I can’t stress this one enough. This will make interactions easier, and the locals appreciate you taking the time to learn their language as well

Let's Travel Together!

Women Who Wander Collective & @michelle.outdoors have teamed up to begin planning the ultimate group getaway, with endless destination options. The fun part about this trip, is that YOU get to help us plan! Through filling out the survey below, you can share with us your dream destinations, budget, preferred activities and more!

Click here to fill out the survey

To move forward in planning, we need your help by having you fill out the survey above! We need 50 submissions and then we can begin planning the best adventure yet, all with your input! Here are just a few destination options:

  • Iceland

  • Yellowstone National Park

  • Bali

  • Greece

  • Dominican Republic

  • Costa Rica

  • Thailand

  • and so many more!

Help us decide when and where we should go! Where is your dream destination?

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